New mortgage for expats! - Adema Assurantiën Zelfstandig adviseur van RegioBank
A new mortgage tailor made for expats living in the Netherlands. This new mortgage is available for EU expats, non-EU expats and entrepeneurs.
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Expat mortgage Amsterdam Groningen

New mortgage for expats!

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Our partner NIBC has launched a mortgage tailor made for expats living in the Netherlands. This new mortgage has some distinct advantages compared to the other solutions currently offered by banks. To name a view, all documents are in English, available for EU as well as non-EU expats and lower interest rates due to the option of National Mortgage Guarantee.



The most import features:


is an option
The Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee scheme (NHG) is an option and provides a interest rate discount.

Repayment is rewarded
When you reach a lower risk class with your loan-to-value you are automatically rewarded with a lower mortgage interest.

Fixed interest
You can choose from fixed interest rates periods up to 30 years.

All documents in English
All mortgage documents are in English.



Your options outlined in a free appointment

If you are planning to buy a house in the Netherlands, the first step is to determine your mortgage options. In a first appointment we can outline your options. This appointment is free of charge and we provide you with:

We can also help you with your tax return. We make sure you make use of all applicable tax benefits.

You can make an appointment via:

+3150 5565 – 908

or send a email to

We are available for an appointment in Groningen or Amsterdam.

more information about our expat service